Great things can happen… if you listen.

Listening takes time… Every person has his or her own purpose in life. This means we all travel our own journey. However, when paths cross it provides us with opportunity, we just need to listen for it.

When we come across someone else who crosses our path for a conversation you could be very surprised with what you may walk away with.

We may come from different backgrounds or experiences, but many a time we have something we share.

Have you ever met anyone and just found a ‘spark’ when you listen to them? I’m not talking romantic, I mean the type that makes you feel like you are just simply chatting to a friend who gets you. I notice this happens a lot in conversations I have with fellow networking members or guests on my podcast, and of course, this would be so as they’re in a similar field as I am. Some run their own businesses, and some educate and inspire others online. But what happens when your path crosses someone you never expected to cross paths with?

I took the step to join a couple of memberships online a few years ago, to find like-minded visionaries like myself, so I could learn, support, and simply create bonds. I have to say it was daunting at first, but in the end, I created a number of connections I am so appreciative of now. Some are with people whom I would have never have thought to connect with.

Not all of us are on the same page in our journey, and many of us are not even in the same industry. 

Regardless every now and then you may cross paths with someone who sparks interest. I discovered this in the first membership of women in business I joined. This group is made up of many women who run their own businesses, but the best part is, that we are all very different. No one is to be compared and no one is on the exact same path, which I loved. It allowed me to gain insight into possibilities and to offer my own advice wherever I could.

One thing when running a business on your own is the solitude you may feel, especially with online businesses. However putting your hand up or your voice out there within communities or such, helps us feel included in some way and realise we’re not alone. That’s why every conversation, every person we meet, it is worth taking the time to learn more about them.


This busy world is only busy because we make it so, and therefore when an opportunity to talk to someone comes along, I have learned to take it. You just never know what can transpire! I don’t talk to every single person that passes me, but if someone approaches and our path crosses in some form, I listen out.

First step is to take note of the potential conversation you can have and listen.

There is a transfer of energy in every conversation to be had and that equates to the effort we put in, i.e time and patience. The reason I bring this up and especially created this post is that we are in a world of Social Media and fast-paced information transfer. So the art of conversation is slowly losing its finesse so to speak. We are always on the go or are often seeking conversation, rather than being prepared to engage in one.

I am a fast talker and that comes down to my childhood, it’s simply my linguistic style. However when it’s time to meet people I take note to slow down my thought process and just listen. Really take in what is being said. It of course has come in handy with my podcast. However, I have been trying to grow this skill for many years now. By doing so I have learned that every conversation I have had has enabled either one of us involved the conversation a chance to inspire the other. This transfer of wisdom, knowledge, or experience allowed either one of us to walk away energised in some form.


Now yes this may sound too deep for some. However, do think about that last interesting conversation you had with someone. Who was it with? Who started the conversation? Did you even expect that conversation? For example; just before Christmas a cousin whom I had not seen for some time was visiting a relative at the same time my family and I were. We happened to be chatting about what we’ve been up to. Now, this cousin is highly educated, and her career is something I truly admire. However, in our conversation, she was talking about this new field of tech she was being educated in, and how daunting it was. As it happened to be I was researching this same tech and needed advice on where to start.

By taking the time to ask and being interested in what she was doing, we found a common ground, one I have to say I never would have ever expected. Our conversation ended up enlightening me on how to proceed with my research and (as my husband pointed out), likely helped my cousin put her new learnings to practice. The transfer of energy and support we both found in our conversation was something I’ll never forget, mainly because it was from my own cousin who I admire, and because well… I just never thought I’d talk about my little old project with her.

So next time you sit with someone, take note that anyone you may cross paths with could be that person who can change and spark an idea when you least expect it. It might not be financially, or even huge at the time. However, it may provide a wake-up call to how you proceed further.


Besides, not every conversation is going to be an even transfer of ‘energy. Sometimes it may only go one way and there’s nothing wrong with that. As I mentioned at the start, not everyone is on the same journey. So that person you may meet on the same road might need direction from you, or they may be able to guide you. But most importantly, as the saying goes…… “Don’t judge a book by its cover”.

Taking time to listen is paramount. Only a few years ago did I learn the value of this. So I hope that this blog post, however, you have come across it, plants a little reminder seed to really give your next conversation with someone your time. They’ll sure listen.

Chat soon,

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