Sell your digital content, build an engaging community and coach clients - all under one roof

Share Wisdom
Build Communities


Build a community / membership

Provide a searchable library of organised content and keep your members engaged with unlimited social groups. Including their own Member App access on Android


Sell online courses

Invite student interaction, helping them achieving goals, guide them with paced, scheduled and drip fed courses. Go live or evergreen. 

Sell as a product or as part of your membership access.


Coach individuals / groups

Coach one to one, one to many – live or recorded events. Provide support via invite only meetings, group sessions, or webinar style events. For consistent member attendance, embed links to your events in your calendar.

How to start using WISDOME™️?

There is no learning curve, start by adding your brand,
creating your access levels, add content and protect it.. even schedule within 1 hour!

Your All In One
Content and Community Tool
on Desktop and Mobile App
Wisdome Web and App

WISDOME is a platform accessible to both you and your members

You can deliver your content in all the ways you need, 

and engage with your members…. 

best thing is, all your needs are all under one roof!

WISDOME Yor coaching, course and membership platform

Business Essentials

Like one of our partners told us recently – Wisdome is like a secure home for your content, it has a fence and locked gate around it, so that means no sales people or randoms can come knocking on your door. Instead, only those who are invited are welcome. 


Keep your membership retention rates high with the mobile app and tools for your members to enjoy whilst on the go.


No need to feel like anyone can just pop in unannounced. Feel secure knowing your data, your community is all in one secure place.


Your community mobile app is available on Google Play.

Take Control of Your Online Knowledge Business

Share your content for as little as 2 coffees per week ….. yep! 

Register to subscribe and be invited to our walkthroughs and Wisdom on Wisdome Workshops

WISDOME™️is your ALL-IN-ONE content and community platform


"I love this, I thought when I first saw this that you're coming from a different angle, you're coming from being a user rather than tech headspace... I think what you have done is amazing.... Not having to switch out of programs and everything. I'm happy I came in at this point”
Carol Robertson - Wisdome User
Carol Roberston
Ms Property
"I recently built my brand-new membership using Wisdome. I have to say I’m so impressed with how easy the platform is to use. I love the look of the content library. It makes it so easy for my members to navigate. The bonus of the platform is the social wall. “No more Facebook groups” yah! "
Tanya Francois - Wisdome User
Tanya Francois
Be In Harmony
“I’m in the process of setting up my offerings on Wisdome and finding the support fantastic. The team are so accessible, responsive and helpful. The platform is aesthetically pleasing and not cluttered like some others I’ve considered "
Gail Eaton-Briggs - Wisdome User
Gail Eaton-Briggs
Everywhen Solutions
“I am so excited to be hosting my next course on Wisdome. I love the easy way to populate the platform with my content and I can’t wait to share it with my community. Nikki really has taken all the pain away from building an online course!”
Jules Brooke - Wisdome User
Jules Brooke
She's The Boss
Gold Winner - Tech Start Up of the Year - Services 2023
What stands out most about Wisdome is its commitment to inclusivity, with plans for future developments catering to non-English speakers and users with visual impairments or dyslexia. This dedication to inclusivity, along with its user-focused design and functionality, solidifies Wisdome's position as a cutting-edge solution for content creators. Wisdome is doing a great job for a startup company. The purpose is well articulated and the product features are planned to address the gaps in existing platforms. Wisdome has good clarity on the next steps, which is demonstrated by the teams ability to quantify results, budgets needed etc Wisdome is an excellent innovative concept bringing all under one roof for the content creators in the LMS domain.
Gold Stevie Awards WISDOME
Judges Comments
Stevie International Awards 2023

Now Is The Time To Share Your Wisdom Online

The online learning market is expected to grow to $380 billion by 2025. (Source: Meticulous Research) This is a market highly based on memberships, offering paid content to members.
So many of us are creating memberships and offering up courses or coaching with our own expertise. WISDOME will help you support your followers in a way that allow you to earn an income and at the same time help people thrive.

WISDOME™️ is founded by a membership owner and coach, alongside a group of other knowledge sharers. We understand the true needs to grow a thriving business and community online. Some of us just wish to share and that’s fine. Wisdome is a tool you can use in many ways.

Why Wisdome?

Most solutions out there are great, yet require more and more plug ins to help you create a single membership. You need to add in permission plugins, course plugins, drip feed plugins and more.. leading to headaches, it’s no picnic. We know!

Our founders who owned a membership, knew and realised they were not the only ones experiencing these pains. It was too impractical & too costly for most people, especially new memberships when getting started. So WISDOME was created.....the all in one membership/ course/ coaching platform.

Stay in the loop..


Would you like us to keep you accountable and help you launch that course or program?

  • Plan out your ideas
  • Validate and initiate your offer
  • Input your content into Wisdome with our team
  • A FULL YEAR ACCESS of Wisdome
  • Coached weekly for 8 weeks by Nikki Cali (founder of Wisdome) + 12 months of personal support!
  • Let’s get that first step taken and the ball rolling for you!

Thank you for registering and subscribing with WISDOME.

If you think you might be ready to use WISDOME, click here!

WISDOME Yor coaching, course and membership platform

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