Here's a small list of things to think about for your Demo.....

  • How will you use WISDOME™?

    Are you new to sharing content online? Will you need WISDOME™ to help better engage with your members? Will you use WISDOME™ as an extention to your current wisdom sharing platform? You might be a membership, looking to also offer other deliverables like courses? Or you may wish to use WISDOME™ as your social engagement tool for Social walls, Events and Challenges. Your choices are endless, and we can explain how.

  • How will WISDOME™ help your business grow?

    WISDOME™ is a learning and content managment platform, so how do you plan on growing further? Will you need to utilise all modules, or do you plan on slowly integrating them as you grow? You can do both, however you might want to chat about how you can go about doing this with us.

  • Do you need a light weight or heavy weight version of WISDOME™?

    As you may be aware already, WISDOME™ can support multiple ways of sharing content under one roof. From libraries, courses, to events and social walls. But what if you need to simply house a library and have your community socialise online? What if you are a large corporation looking to onboard multiple employees or house a data base of policies etc for teams to access?

  • Can you start using WISDOME™ if you're fresh to content sharing?

    YES!!!! WISDOME™ was created by a membership owner who knew the struggles to just getting started. So ask us how we can support you as you start fresh with minimal financial commitment, to ensure you have a chance to set up and grow your community and begin inspiring others.

  • Will my content be easy to transfer across to WISDOME™?

    Yep, to this one too! We will be offering a service to help you migrate your data across. Yes, there will be an additional charge (depending on your package), however we can discuss the possible work involved to do so during our demo with you.