Our team

Introducing the award winning team behind Wisdome

Our team has been growing since the day of conception. Nikki did give our platform a starting run up, but since 2021, we have been growing and we wanted to share who we are and who is behind Wisdome.

As we grow, so will this page...

Meet Nikki

With nearly 20 years experience in running businesses, Nikki evolved her career creating manufactured products to consulting in luxury spaces and teaching and mentoring in business and interiors. With the skills gathered during this time, Nikki has taken on the mission to open doors for knowledge sharers like herself and incorporate her knowhow in engineering products, buyer psyche and education along with customer experiences all into this multi award winning platform - Wisdome. Forever passionate with learning, Nikki will continue to direct Wisdome into THE SOLUTION for sharing knowledge from SME's to Corporations.

Meet Naeem

A solutions architect, Naeem has decades of experience in his field, working with some of the top companies around Southeast Asia and Australia. Passionate about Software Development, Naeem continues every day to learn and push the boundaries, putting his knowledge and experience to work for Wisdome. Throughout his extensive career, Naeem has worked for different companies in various fields. Exposed to different projects in E-Commerce, Payroll, Biometrical, TCP Server, Smart Metering tools, Social Networks, Online Gaming, E-commerce, POS, Booking Management Systems and many others, Naeem is applying these experiences to support our plans to expand Wisdome further.

Meet Cecilia

Cecilia has been a content writer for over six years, expressing ideas in relatable ways and using them to engage and inspire readers. Cecilia is our awesome Content and Marketing Manager. In Cecilia's role, she gets to use her passion for words. One thing we know for sure is she also loves getting to work with knowledge sharers who are driving positive change in various fields. Cecilia is an advocate for mental health and well-being. With Wisdome's ability to support different types of learners, she envisions it as a vital tool for organisations and knowledge sharers to deliver impactful content and engage with their audience.

Meet Richard

As a Quality Assurance Analyst Richard is one of Wisdome's go to guys in troubleshooting. Richard has gained nearly 5 years of experience in this field. The best part of what Richard does in his job is to give a guarantee that Wisdome is defect-free and to fulfil the quality standards of our organisation. Every day we will find Richard inside Wisdome pushing it to its limits and discovering more ways we an expand its functionalities and deliver even more efficient user experiences.

We have many more hidden gems in our Wisdome Team who prefer to stay under the radar, so to speak. But every day we are grateful for the team and users we have surrounding us and our mission to deliver a service and product to many businesses and their customers. 

Some accolades we are so very proud of!