How will you inspire?

What happens when you decide to share content? You begin to inspire others.


Deciding to share your passion with the world  and inspire. How we do it, takes us through the ups and downs. However, in the end the reason behind WHY we do it puts a smile on our faces. 

If we can inspire people with our content then thats a huge achievement. 

Do you plan out everything first? Create milestones to reach first then break them down bit by bit? What I mean by everything is the content, the message you wish to convey in your teachings, your content that you will share. The reason I highlighted ‘message’ is because our wisdom businesses are all trying to share a message. That message in turn, is meant to be remembered and offer inspiration. 

I should probably go back a step an talk about the meaning of inspiration….



The process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.

Now looking at the definition of Inspiration. This should help us break down (almost like we do when creating course milestones), how we are going to try and inspire our audiences. We need to begin by stimulating them to take action. How do we excite people to take action….

The 3 points below are the first few of many. However, I hope these will ignite some thoughts in you to think about your message. When I dove into creating my membership, courses, and coaching programs. I was researching all the ways to go about creating my content, how to share it, the best tech options, etc. However, one main thing I felt that was missing on a number of occasions was the importance of the message we plan to share throughout our content and teachings.

If you take the time to measure out the ingredients to that yummy cake, or measure 3 times before cutting that beam. Then you’ll understand the importance we need to place on our message. Not to say it won’t change over time, as we grow also in our own wisdom businesses. However, if keep true to what our message is, and how you wish to inspire others. Then at least you have the essence and the rest will come.

1. We need to build trust. 

We need to talk about ourselves. No one is going to follow you, if they don’t see who you are and who is delivering the message. That is the big leap we all need to take when starting a wisdom sharing business. I have don’t many interviews for my Wise Dome Podcast and I have to say the common theme when starting out… is taking that step to “get out there”.

We need to believe in our message, for our audience to believe in us. They can’t if we are too scared and wish to stay in the background. 

2. We need to show a path.

By this I mean our audience needs to see where we came from and that pather we took. By sharing our journey, our audiences can place themselves in the same scenarios. We don’t want them to take the same path of course, however by sharing and helping them envision, they can see what went wrong or what worked from their own perspective.

Sharing our journey, inspires others knowing it is real, it has happened, there is history. Doesn’t everyone want to know the story of some sort, to make their own conclusion? i.e. understanding of how to take action.

3. Be confident in your message.

Create that vision statement, define what your audience will take from you sharing. I know many are never so confident in HOW WE SHARE, but that is not what this point is about. It is about being confident in your message. Be certain how you want your audience to walk away when they complete their time, or how they can continue to grow from being in your wealth of wisdom. 

These are just 3 points to finding out How you will inspire others. I know.. and trust me I do, that taking the step to share your wisdom with the world takes courage. For that you most certainly deserve a pat on the back. 

It is in the next steps we take to plan how we will inspire, where our true self shines through. With every conversation I have, that we all have, there is a transfer of energy, of information, that can ignite an idea, ignite a question that will lead to an answer, etc. Whatever you plan to share with your audience, do take time to think about, 

How you will inspire?


Don’t you just love that moment when you have seen someone’s “light bulb” go off, or when they turn to and smile as though… they get it?! It’s the best part of being a friend. When you can offer advice, be a big sister, and offer that inspiration for your younger sibling to go further. Or when you are having a conversation with someone, or a team and all of a sudden you see a spark, their voice/s go up a speed and all of sudden they are energised by you. 

There is something in those moments that mean the world to me and I’m sure you. So I hope this little blog put a smile on your face, or at least lead on a path that provided inspiration. Either way, I’d love to hear your story if you’re on the path the inspiring others. So click on the button below if you wish to chat with me on my podcast. I’d love to get to know you!

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