Webinar is an effective way to share your wisdom.


Why should we, why would we, and why do we… share our wisdom?

Since the time we could communicate with each other through vision, touch, and then speech, we have been sharing our wisdom. Passing down from generation to generation to survive, grow, and evolve. 

What does it mean to share our wisdom, though? Learning through a book or experience or both is where we create wisdom and therefore have an opportunity to share this with others. 

Some of us see this as a chance to help others drive forward and take that first step or pass through a barrier. Taking the chance to share our wisdom online can also give us the opportunity to earn from sharing our wisdom.  

Some of us run memberships, courses, and coaches to spread wisdom or even provide others within our communities with a platform to do the same. 

What happens when we share?


When we communicate with others, there is a transaction being made, and most often, that may involve an “aha!” moment, an “oh thank goodness for confirming I’m right” moment, or even a “wow, didn’t think of it that way” moment. There are many moments experienced through conversation…

There is most certainly good and bad wisdom. What does that mean? Well, any advice will teach us something. What TO DO and what NOT DO TO! Has there ever been a job you’ve had that taught you most certainly what not to do in your next job? I did, and let me tell you, my first job in an architectural firm taught me how not to treat my clients in my next job and later my own business.  

I’m trying to say that we learn from every experience, be it good or bad, and this is the same with the conversations we have when sharing our wisdom (i.e., knowledge/experiences).

Sharing your knowledge is a journey


How easy is it to share our wisdom with others? Well, let’s say you will likely receive some words of wisdom from a friend before a complete stranger. Therefore before venturing out and plastering yourself all over the online world, you will need to build trust. Otherwise, why would anyone feel comfortable listening to you? I most certainly took time to get out there, and I’m still building up my profile. 

It’s a great privilege to be part of an industry and business that allowed me to network and meet many people. Therefore I’ve grown from word of mouth. However, it’s a never-ending journey. Every day we introduce ourselves to new people and provide a brief synopsis of who we are. 

Just remember, it’s like dating your audience. You need to give it time and be yourself. That is the most important advice I give to many of my connections and clients. Be you! Don’t be someone else. It’s no use.

How far do you go being the real you? Well, of course, we may have slightly different personas between work and home life, so yes, there is a fine line. However, be transparent, especially with your journey to get to what you are sharing. 

When you are trying to teach or guide others through your experiences, you are showing them how they too can achieve what you have. 

Now when you show that you too may have struggled along the way, your audience will find it easier to relate… because let’s admit it… WE ALL DO NOT GET IT PERFECT FROM STEP 1. … NONE OF US DO! I don’t care who you are. 

The reason I am mentioning this is to be realistic and to let you know that just going straight online to share your wisdom isn’t about just simply setting up a course online, and wham bam, you’re making thousands of dollars. No, no one does this. 

First, you build trust, a reputation, and the following. Hence a social media account is important. Test the waters, go out and see if people are interested in what you want to share. Trial and test and most importantly….. GIVE IT TIME.  

Sharing your wisdom online is an amazing gift you give to many. Yes, you can earn a wonderful lifestyle through online content sharing; but always remember why you do it and what your goals are. That aim should be directed at your audience also. 

There is a balance when sharing your wisdom between you, the sharer, and your audience. Pass on caution, insight, intelligence, and be fair both to you and others by being transparent. Share the good and the bad. Show you are human, just like your audience. 

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