6 Robust Online Learning Structures to Support Your Learners

Building and growing your online community means creating an effective online learning environment. Whether you’re an online course creator, membership business owner, or coach, how you share your knowledge will shape your success. 

If you want to support your members’ learning, Community Driven Learning and Personalised Learning Paths are two effective styles to consider.

Both content structures encourage community engagement, leading to personal and professional growth. In this article, we’ll discuss how to implement these learning structures to connect with your audience and grow your business.

2 Effective Online Learning Environment Models 

Here’s how the Community Driven learning path and Personalised Learning Path can create a supportive online learning environment.

1. Community Driven Online Learning

This model is all about collaboration and community. In this approach, learners can share knowledge and support each other. Group activities, discussions, and other collaboration projects are all encouraged in this learning path. We highly recommend using this model if you’re looking to create a community that promotes a sense of belonging and shared purpose.

2. Personalised Online Learning Path

The personalised learning path model focuses on flexibility and personalisation. It addresses the needs and preferences of your learners. They can progress at their own pace. They can choose content that interests them and consume resources that match their learning styles. A personalised learning method also encourages self-motivation, while providing tools to support their growth.


Both models create an effective learning environment. They address different parts of the learning process and can be combined to achieve better learning outcomes. You may integrate these models to establish a close-knit community and support individual progress.

Create a learning environment that inspires your audience to pursue their goals.

6 Ways to Structure Your Learning Environment on Wisdome

Discover 6 practical steps to effectively structure your online learning environment with Wisdome.

1. Start With a Free Membership Level

Offer a free membership level to attract new users. This allows them to explore your resources without any commitment. Think of it as a trial period where they can see the value you provide. Offer several types of resources on your library such as like articles, videos, and sample courses.

2. Introduce Small Courses

Once your users are familiar with your platform, introduce small, bite-sized courses. These can be free or low-cost to encourage participation. Short courses are less intimidating and can cover specific topics in detail, making them perfect for learners who are just starting out or have limited time.

3. Gradual Progression to More Advanced Content

As your learners gain confidence, offer more advanced courses that build on the basics. These could be longer courses or more comprehensive programs. Ensure that each course is structured logically, with clear objectives and outcomes.

4. Create a Supportive Community

Encourage interaction and support among your learners by creating forums or discussion groups. This community aspect can greatly enhance the learning experience. It can be a source of additional motivation and peer support. Use Wisdome’s community features to facilitate discussions and interactions.

5. Regularly Update Your Content

Keep your content fresh and relevant. Regular updates and new materials keep your learners engaged and coming back for more. Listen to their feedback and adjust your offerings accordingly. Use Wisdome’s analytics tools to track engagement and identify areas for improvement.

6. Utilise Data and Feedback

Use data and feedback to continually improve your offerings. Track which courses are most popular to get an insight into user engagement.

Also, remember to gather feedback from your learners to understand what works and what doesn’t. This will help you refine your learning structure and better meet your learners’ needs. Wisdome’s reporting features can help you gather and analyse this data effectively.

Implement these steps to create a supportive online learning environment.Start small, listen to your learners, and gradually build a comprehensive learning environment that caters to all levels.

It may take time, but with dedication you can nurture an online learning environment that promotes personal growth and community engagement. 

Happy teaching!

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