Setting up a knowledge based business

The process of setting up a knowledge-based business online is more than just a domain and website…..

Some of us fall into a trap when we start an online business. The trap of believing online is not has hard as a “brick and mortar” set up, so to speak. In fact, it can be harder at times, but only if we don’t plan well. A knowledge-based business online is one of the fastest-growing business models at the moment, As a result,  everyone is looking to take a piece of that market. Moreover, before you do, make sure you lock in a plan, and do your research. 

When we start a business there is planning involved and whether it be a brick and mortar business, or online the process is quite similar.

 We all have to deal with the so called “painful” bits and pieces, but of course they do set the foundation of our business.  

Just because it’s not brick and mortar, just because it doesn’t involve a tangible product (in most cases…) doesn’t give it any less value. While you’re planning and research is just as important. And, the outlay in investing in an online knowledge-based business may be slightly less than a brick-and-mortar business, but the time and stress we put into it can be just the same. For both we need to plan out the stages and do our research.


The road to online business is exciting and after running a couple successful online businesses, in product, consulting, and membership, Consequently, I’ve learnt that rushing into what seems ok, or looks good for now is not the best way to start or for longevity.

First look at your why’s, what’s, how’s, then where’s

  1. What knowledge do you want to share?
  2. How do you want to share it? (What is comfortable for you)
  3. Why are you sharing your knowledge?
  4. Where will you share that knowledge?

Breaking down the above questions, will refine your direction, plan and most exhaustingly… your research time.

  1.  What knowledge to you want to share?

Here you will look at the finer details of your subject. During, working on a success plan where does your content begin, and where does it conclude? Is there a final chapter in your lessons? Are there levels to your knowledge? Is there a journey to your content? It is a lifestyle, a way of being, a continuous journey?

  1. How do you want to share it? (What is comfortable for you)

This is where you decide based on your answers to questions first, how comfortable you are with the different ways to deliver your content. And, think about the ways you can deliver your content. What is comfortable? Are you relaxed in front of a camera? Do you prefer audio podcasting? Are sequences of emails, more your style?

  1. Why are you sharing your knowledge?

Once deciding on how you will deliver your content to your audience, the reason behind why you are delivering it will help in the process on setting up. The reason is you will find a better meaning of how you will drive your business.

DO YOU LIKE TO TEACH? Will you walk your audience through a journey helping them as a teacher, as a guide – hands on approach?

DO WISH TO INSPIRE?  Will you be there in a supportive manner, providing options, sharing content to inspire?

Whatever you reason is, this will guide you into your choice of content delivery, and where you will find your audience and where you will deliver your content.

  1. Where will you share that knowledge?

Now, you’ve narrowed down a whole lot of to your knowledge-based business and by doing so, can seriously investigate researching your tech needs.

With your list of what’s, how’s and why’s sorted, getting the list of where’s  –

  • the location of where you will deliver your content
  • the place of where you will find your audience
  • the location of where you will engage with your audience

…… will be easier to research.

Finally, getting to the point where you are researching options may be like researching for property, and in fact it is almost the same. The location you are looking for will need to tick off several features and functions you require.

For now though, I hope this has helped you see the ways in which you can truly prepare and plan for your online knowledge based business. If you are looking for more guidance on WHERE TO START AND WHAT TECH YOU NEED, please take a look at my guide available for immediate download.

It never has to be hard to do. , See you next time!

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  1. I love this. In my experience, these foundational questions are critical in charting a clear path forward for a business of this nature.

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