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Wisdome is a software that has been created for those who need to take a step into earning an income online by sharing their knowledge with ease. Many of us don’t like the thought of technology and diving into a whole big system of puzzling pieces together to create a one stop shop. Some of us don’t even know where to begin to get online!

When creating Wisdome, one thing our founder Nikki Cali did, was to make sure that this software was easy to use, and housed all the deliverables, needed to help others get a knowledge based business started (this is also known as the e-learning industry). When we say knowledge based business we mean anyone who is looking to share their knowledge, their expertise, their skills with the world to help others.


The eLearning industry is forecasted to reach over $370 billion (Statista 2020). 

This means that starting a business in sharing your knowledge is now. Whatever knowledge that may be, you will need to translate that knowledge into content and you’ll need some type of technology to deliver that content, and you may wish to get paid for it.

So how does one deliver their content?  There are many ways to deliver your content online and Wisdome certainly is one of them. This software was created by a membership and course creator who knew the tech stress, and didn’t have time to waste researching and doing the numbers just to start sharing. Wisdome offers you a variety of delivery systems (ways to share your content), and engagement features (ways to socialise and interact with your followers, members, students, audience).


By understanding ways you can deliver your content, you will see how easy it can be to start your business and get a piece of the $370 billion market. Here’s a few ways Wisdome helps you get there;

  •  Content Library where you can house your knowledge on pages, in folders, as down-loadables, in video, in images, or even audio.
  • Online courses where you teach your audience at a pace, in stages etc.
  • Challenges where you can involve your community to reach a goal within a short period with your help and guidance, be it live or pre-recorded.
  • Events where you can really grow your business by inviting your audience to watch, learn, ask and get involved; via webinars, Q &A, group coaching etc.
  • Social Wall where your community can engage in groups you create or as a whole. This is the best way to truly keep a pulse on your business and see opportunities to grow both your business and help others.
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One main thing about this type of business is you need to protect your IP (intellectual Property). So when you have paying members coming to your site, your business, you need to ensure whatever you are offering them is protected and only those paying have access. We take care of that too at Wisdome.

Now you will find that you can’t be online 24/7…. That’s the thing with the World Wide Web!.. Do we say that anymore? …. Anyway… Like we said you can’t be online 24/7, so you may wish to schedule your content and have a course, or a post go live 3am or on date that you plan to be away relaxing on a beach, with a Pina Colada (song in your head?). Yes Wisdome helps you achieve this too, the scheduling that is.


So with the ability to help you check off the BUSINESS SET UP TECH of;

  • Ways to deliver your content
  • Ways to engage with your audience
  • Ways to protect your content
  • Ways to schedule your content (give you a life)
  • Ways to manage your audience (access levels, profiles, file sharing)
  • Ways for your audience to engage with each other, with you (chat, messaging)
  • Way for you to grow and take a pieces of the $370 billion dollar industry

There are many other features included with Wisdome that help you run your eLearning / knowledge based business. However we hope this post has helped you better understand why and how Wisdome can really take that step and start sharing.

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