Finding Inspiration


If you’re here reading this.. First off thank you 🙏

Secondly, you may be very aware of what starting a business may feel like, inspires or you may be researching where to start?


I have run a luxury linen business since 2007, which ventured into an interiors membership and began a blog. After taking a step to network and learn a lot from fellow business owners, I took the leap into developing a platform and application to help others start their own business.

Each time, I had a passion for what I was doing. To have a passion for what you do is the very first and most basic step to starting out. When you love what you do, then doing it every day is easy.

Pretty simply hey… well not always. I have to admit that going through the journey to develop Wisdome has been the biggest challenge of my life. There were many times it was very easy to give up and turn off, however when I embarked on this journey I knew the impact Wisdome would have if I just kept going.

An Audience;

Whilst I have a passion in the human mind and making sure others have an opportunity to share their knowledge with ease, being in tune with your audience, current or potential is vital that gives inspiration.

Whether you are starting out or have a current follow-ship; asking, listening and acknowledging is important. Everyone who shares content goes through this and they do it often.

If you’re like me, when I started it was crickets, but I remained patient. Sometimes you will find crickets (silence), but all I can say is… don’t give up! Amazing things will come to those who wait. Your followers will grow and you will gain more insight into their needs and wants.


What inspires you?

You know what, one thing I have learned is that inspiration comes from many places. We are all inspired by different things and what inspires me, certainly may not inspire you. So the way you share your content may differ from others or even may differ depending on your mood.

Whatever you do, if you’re starting out don’t stress, just get started and share content that would inspire you. As you grow and your audience grows with you, you will gain a better understanding through interactions.

All I want to leave you with is to be patient, listen, trial, change, and believe in yourself. Don’t let your fears take over. It does take courage to start a wisdom business, because it is personal. Although it may be personal, it will be your belief in yourself that will rise above the fear and you will give inspiration to many with your courage.

So get out there, just share inspiration and you will see the beauty in the butterfly that will emerge. 
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