“Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.” – Coco Chanel

Coco Chanel is certainly an inspiration, her quote defines what it means when we go to share wisdom with others. 

Being honest with yourself, and recognizing what you have to offer is valuable, and inspiring that will define your journey to success. 

What we are sharing is from our experiences, so the lessons we teach come from a personal place and certainly are not at all. So let’s just put the first rule out there….

comparisons, compare, comparing

Never compare yourself to others.

As a mum of two kids, I’ve known that I should never compare my children to others, they develop differently. So this rule should be the same for us. As we get older, we tend to make comparisons to others in our personal lives and careers. It just happens, and this is something I have personally had to remind myself not to do very often….. and man, it’s hard. 

As I was growing my business, I would (and still do) network with others. Of course, I’d learn about what they are up to, new systems, new clients, etc., and then walk away from trying to compare my business and what I’m doing and not doing. In the end, stressing out on some occasions, thinking I’m way behind and I should be much further ahead. After a while there, I realised I was self-sabotaging myself and putting myself under unnecessary stress. 

How I realised it was via a simple little event between my daughter and a friend’s daughter. Once I did, though, I changed my tune, and began recognizing all elements that made me and my business. The crazy thing is, once I did this, once I recognised I was unique and not to be compared with, I was invited to join an international team of designers, and doors opened up. 

comparisons, compare, comparing

I still believe to this day; the universe saw I was growing up and began delivering what I was asking for… because I was being me and not trying to be someone else. 

I’m not sure if you’ve had this experience, and if you have, then hi-five to you. If you are still wondering why you’re not up there with the other successful business, then please let me tell you, my darling… you will be, but first, STOP COMPARING YOURSELF. YOU ARE AMAZING AT BEING YOU. Take note of all the wonderful experiences you have, the amazing lessons you’ve learnt, the inspiration you can give, and I seriously believe you will start seeing changes. 

People don’t want to see fake; they want to see life… the real journey—the up’s and downs. When you compare yourself to others, you are quite possibly missing some details on the downs those successful businesses had. I guess it’s like asking a gambler who seems successful how much they lost before making that win?

So there is a journey behind every successful business, and the most exciting thing is, when you start a wisdom business, it’s a whole other level. It’s about you personally, your knowledge, your lessons learnt, and your experiences that you’re sharing, so there’s no point in comparing your business to someone else. 

Go out, be you, and share you, share your wisdom, and you’ll find once you embrace how wonderful you really are, you will most certainly inspire others to see the same in themselves… and that is success right there!

Chat again soon, my lovelies

Nikki x

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