6 Tips on How to Find Your Passion and Share it With the World

find your passion

You’ve heard it before, and you’ll hear it again—the best way to make money is to find your passion and do it for a living. It may sound easy, but trying to figure out what you’re passionate about can be a difficult process that requires the right mix of skills and personality traits.

The following list of tips should help you learn your passion easily and find your life purpose, so you can use your talents to get paid doing what you love.

To help get you started, here are six tips to help you learn how to find your passion and share it with the world.

Find What Makes You Happy

find your passion
find your passion

What do you love to do? If there’s a hobby, sport, or passion that you enjoy doing, then chances are, it could become your career. 

What would you be doing if money was not an issue? Would you volunteer in a local organization or take up photography as a hobby?

You will know when you find your passion because it will give you the energy the inspiration, and most importantly, you’ll feel happy and fulfilled working on something you’re passionate about. 

Discovering your passion can be difficult, but you can never fail when you start looking for it in activities that you love doing.

Use Journaling To Find Your Passion 

find your passion

You can sometimes feel unfulfilled if you have been disconnected from your passion for too long. Finding out what you love means returning to those things that always make you happy.

Use a journal as a tool for jotting down memories, ideas, or even dreams that come up during different moments in your life. You can use such records to remind you of how things were. This is an essential step toward rediscovering yourself and finding out more about who you want to be in the future.

Take notes of what attracts, inspires, and influences your behavior. Asking these questions will help you uncover the different perspectives you need to discover your passion.

Look around for ideas in your work environment, neighborhood, or any place, and think about how long it takes to learn your passion. Don’t be afraid to share your thoughts with others, as hearing their insights can help you gain new insights. 

Write down all of the information you will find to get a sense of what excites you or motivates you the most. Keeping a journal lets you keep a bigger perspective of all your ideas and inspiration. 

Journaling will also enable you to organize everything to explore any possible growth opportunities. Knowing yourself is an essential step towards developing new goals and finding a path to a more meaningful life every day.

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone To Find Your Passion

There are people who have an easier time finding their passion than others. If you’re having trouble figuring out what you’re passionate about, one great way to go out of your comfort zone and explore possibilities.  

Did you ever attend a cooking class or pick up golf? Or took a spontaneous trip somewhere? If you want to determine your passion, try trying some new activities—and learn how fun it can be.

You never know what might inspire you in the process. Try things you don’t think you’re good at, like dancing. 

If you’re an aspiring writer, try reaching out to publishers who you think will be impossible to reach a deal with. Trust me, this is part of finding your passion. 

Stretching yourself as far as possible also increases your chances of finding happiness doing it.

Surround Yourself With People Who Inspire You To Find Your Passion

find your passion

People around you who can support you will make you feel alive and excited about pursuing your passion. If they’re negative, toxic, or discouraging in any way, you’ll be better off finding new friends. 

You don’t want to be around someone who is not on board with what makes you happy, which will negatively affect your productivity. Surround yourself with like-minded individuals; make connections within your community; reach out to old friends and family members (if applicable) for advice, guidance, and just general inspiration. 

Find your passion meaning you’ll find yourself inspired by those around you if you focus on surrounding yourself with positive, motivated people. 

Start A Business: Sharing Your Passion with the World

find your passion
It is possible to earn money doing what you enjoy.

There’s nothing more exciting than being able to learn your passion and share what you love with others. 

Whether it’s a new product or just a unique twist on an old one, it can lead to great things using your knowledge in an area of interest. 

Whatever activity interests you, there’s probably a way on how to learn your passion and make money. Here are tips to help you launch a business that you’re passionate about.

Start with a vision for your business

find your passion

Every successful business starts with a vision or an idea. Visualize what your ideal business looks like. Do you want to help more people by sharing your passion and talents? 

You should know this in the early stage of your business conceptualization because it is always your measure to know if you have achieved what you want first. It is also the basis of your decisions to grow your business.

Do your Research

find your passion

Examine your chosen business’s industry statistics to determine if your ideas are viable. You can do this either by finding publicly available data or by hiring someone to conduct some primary research for you. 

Research is an essential step in finding out the potential of your ideas. Keep in mind that just because you’re passionate about something doesn’t mean others will be too.

If there isn’t much demand for your idea, move on to another one. It’s better to realize now that there’s not much interest in your chosen niche than when you’re spending tons of money and time trying to build a company around it. 

Explore the trends around your business idea and read everything you can about people who are currently doing what you want to do. 

Look at the industries they’re in, how they operate and how they stay competitive. This can give you insight into what it takes to run a successful business in your area of interest.

These days, the demand in the creator economy offers exciting opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs. Individuals and organizations share their knowledge in the creator economy business by creating ebooks, videos, courses, webinars, and podcasts that provide valuable information to target audiences. 

The Internet has made it easier than ever to become part of the creator economy in your field and build an online business from anywhere you choose—on any topic you want—and find your own level of success. 

You can never go wrong with this trend because reports say that the online creators market is valued at 104 billion US dollars. 

Join the online creators’ industry by sharing your knowledge. By teaching people new skills, you will help them improve their lives while making a steady income.

Would you like to know more about how you can start earning from what you already know? 

Check out our article How to Start a Successful Membership Business. You’ll find practical information on how to develop your ideas and launch your own knowledge-based business.


Finding your passion doesn’t have to be a complicated process. Follow these steps, and you’ll be well on your way to finding something that lights you up and inspires you every day—while building a business at the same time.

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