3 Styles of Leadership To Grow Your Online Community

The different styles of leadership are crucial in providing direction, implementing plans, and motivating your community. Your leadership approach influences how you handle challenges and grow your community.

 In this article, we’ll explore three leadership strategies you can implement to grow your online community.

3 Leadership Styles + Ways To Elevate Your Knowledge Business

Democratic Leadership Style

The democratic leadership style empowers members to share ideas and contribute to making decisions. It encourages collaboration as everyone’s opinion is heard and considered. This leadership approach boosts the group’s morale and considers diverse perspectives within the team. 

The democratic leadership style fosters open communication where you can tap into innovative solutions when challenges arise.

Another benefit of the democratic leadership style is that it encourages accountability among team members. Involving members in the decision-making process makes them feel valued and empowered to achieve their goals.

Implementing Democratic Leadership Style In Content Creation  


Conduct surveys and gather insights from course participants, members, or coaching clients. This will give you a perspective on their preferences, interests, and needs. The feedback you’ll receive will guide you in creating content that solves a pain point for your community.  

Focused Group Discussions

Consider doing focused group discussions with your learners to learn more about them. It’s also crucial to understand the challenges they face. Once you do, it becomes easier to determine which information will be included in your content.

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Transformational leadership is the ability to inspire meaningful change.

Transformational Leadership

Transformational leadership is all about inspiring your audience to achieve higher levels of performance and personal growth. It’s a style of leadership that creates opportunities for self-reflection, helping your community members achieve clarity in their goals.

Here are two ways you can use transformational leadership to create meaningful coaching programs:

#1: Share a Compelling Vision  

Inspire your audience by sharing a clear vision of your program. As a leader, you must ensure this vision aligns with your client’s aspirations and values. If you do, your vision will motivate your audience to achieve the change they’ve always been waiting for.  

#2: Personalised Coaching Approach

Utilise a one-on-one coaching approach to know the needs and goals of your clients. Your knowledge on what your clients need will help you create a supportive environment for them. Additionally, it’s crucial to address any growth opportunities to maximise their success.

Laissez-faire Leadership Style of Leadership

Laissez-faire leadership is characterised by minimal direction from the leader. Here, decision-making is delegated to group members. This approach allows members high autonomy in how they approach tasks.

As a knowledge-sharer, implementing the Laissez-faire leadership style can be done by providing guidance and resources while giving your audience the independence to navigate their own learning. Here are three ideas to help you incorporate this approach into your knowledge-sharing business.

#1: Provide Resources and Support

Offer your learners access to a variety of resources, such as:

  • Articles
  • Videos
  • Worksheets
  • Flipbooks
  • Other interactive tools

Note: Remember to curate materials that align with your audience’s goals and interests. Additionally, ensure that you’re available to offer guidance and support as needed.

#2: Encourage Self-Reflection

Set an environment for self-reflection through journaling exercises. Help them explore their thoughts, feelings, and experiences related to their coaching goals. You can also enhance your client’s learning experience by providing prompts or questions to guide their reflection through a workbook.

#3: Facilitate Goal Setting and Accountability

Help clients set meaningful and achievable goals. Guide them to take ownership of their growth and create action plans to work towards them. Offer opportunities to practise accountability by checking in on their progress and offering support.


The different styles of leadership are essential in providing direction and motivating your online community. Your chosen leadership approach can significantly influence how you interact with your audience and your team.

Democratic leadership empowers members to share ideas and contribute to decision-making. It’s a step to inspire innovation and creativity. Understand what your audience needs by sharing surveys, and conducting focused group discussions.

On the other hand, transformational leadership focuses on inspiring your audience to grow. A few meaningful ways to motivate your audience include, sharing a compelling vision, providing personalised coaching, and encouraging self-reflection.

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