Planning and Goal Setting

Setting goals helps guide you, plan and clarify what’s important.

Do you go into planning and goal-setting mode at the beginning of every year? I personally love writing my lists of to-do’s, when it comes to creating an actual plan or setting a goal. Well, I get a little “brain tied,” so to speak. Over time I have learned to be kinder to myself when planning my year ahead, and I have also learnt to break up my goals into business versus personal. 

This post is going to be rather short, but I wanted to share a couple of simple steps I use to create my plans and set goals for the year. 

So let’s start by reminding ourselves to devote some time to being thankful and focusing on the way forward. Late last year, we looked at reflecting on our achievements, this means we could see what worked and what didn’t. However, this also means we have a great foundation to set up our goals for 2022.

  1. Get writing
Writing your goals helps you stay focused.

Now it’s time to get writing…. Grab yourself a notebook and start listing all the things you’d love to achieve this year.. write it out, speak it out loud and let’s move forward. 

Create however long of a list you want, but keep in mind to cull and cut those you might question.

Some questions you might ask yourself;

  • Is it important enough to add in all the hours and time?
  • Will you apply yourself that time?
  • Are they goals helping other goals..

When writing our lists, we will continually alter them, so don’t stress. It will change over time. Whatever you do.. make sure you celebrate when your goals have been achieved!

  1. Make it easy

If your goals are smaller or shorter term, then go ahead and break down your goals into smaller tasks for the month. See what tasks you can achieve this month to help you reach that shorter goal.

We all need goals that are shorter-term… by patting ourselves on the back often, we have more drive to achieve these goals.

Maybe you are looking to set up a website, plan out a new course, or offer your expertise in some way. Ensure you don’t overlook anything important. Check out our Membership Planning Checklist for tips.

  1. Be accountable

Tell the world of your plans. When we set goals, we should put them out there. Share them, so we become accountable and commit to them.

Setting goals is one thing on paper, but why not podcast them, even share them with friends, or better still, just record yourself and playback those words when you need a pick me up.

Whatever goals you choose, always be accountable and revisit.

When it comes to business, I separate my emotions (to a degree) so it becomes easier to see a path and set myself a few goals for my businesses. As for personal goals, I look at what means most to me and how I personally want to develop, and how it will expand my personal life. 

What are your goals going to be this year?

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