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To access our offer, we invite you to our exclusive subscription to Wisdom on Wisdome. We won’t bombard you with emails, only invite you to upcoming events orientated around knowledge businesses. We passionate about supporting businesses who share their knowledge online; memberships, courses, coaches, so to be part of the audience or even collaborate with us, we invite you to subscribe to WoW and access our current Wisdome offer 👇👇



7 Day Trial on Monthly Subscriptions
30 Day Money Back on Yearly Subscriptions

Some awesome points to this OFFER.....

  • Who can access this offer?

    When you register with WoW (Wisdom on Wisdome), you are able to access our offers and future invites to all exclusive webinars and summits. Our recent summit was a massive hit and we will continue to provide as much support to help online business owners grow their communities. SO REGISTER YOUR INTEREST NOW! - IT'S FREE Also anyone who is a user of WISDOME gets free access to all future events with WoW!

  • What is included with this offer of WISDOME™?

    You will have access to all future upgrades, have 200 members in your membership, 200 folders, 10 GB of data, 10 Access levels (member ship levels) and use of all features and functions. We are adding more and more functions weekly as we grow and we know you will love what's in there and what's to come, including the the APP!!!

  • Is there support?

    One thing we are very proud of is our support system. You will have access to our help site which provides plenty of "follow steps" along with a live chat button. Our system also has a feedback bar built in, so any issues, or if you think there's something you'd like to see implemented... let us know! Plus we are Aussie's from Melbourne and will online business hours weekdays... but lucky you, even our founder is online almost any time to help you.

  • What happens once I register?

    One of our team will contact you providing you with a URL link to our site so you can register. The email you provided in payment will be used in our backend to confirm you are a registered user. Our aim is to ensure that those who register in our system are recognised only by our system, hence we use the same email as per your payment process. Only those invited by email with a link can register. Our system will not recognise anyone without a link sent direct to them, so it is important you do not share your URL.

  • Can I cancel or get my money back?

    We are certainly a fair company and understand that sometimes a product just isn't right for you, so YES, we offer a 30 day money back guarantee on all yearly subscriptions, from date your registration starts. Monthly subscription has an automatic 7 day trial. Cancel anytime, no refunds on unused days left in subscription period. If you have purchased via an offer, please note that if you cancel we can't reinstate the original price, so if you wish for us to HOLD your account, we can do that too! Max 2 months hold allowed any year.

  • Can you start using WISDOME™ if you're fresh to content sharing?

    YES!!!! WISDOME™ was created by a membership owner who knew the struggles to just getting started. So minimal financial commitment set up and grow your community and begin inspiring others.

  • How will you use WISDOME™?

    Are you new to sharing content online? Will you need WISDOME™ to help better engage with your members? Will you use WISDOME™ as an extention to your current wisdom sharing platform? You might be a membership, looking to also offer other deliverables like courses? Or you may wish to use WISDOME™ as your social engagement tool for Social walls, Events and Challenges. Your choices are endless.

  • How will WISDOME™ help your business grow?

    WISDOME™ is a learning and content managment platform, so how do you plan on growing further? Will you need to utilise all modules, or do you plan on slowly integrating them as you grow? You can do both, and we are always listening, so always feel free to reach out to us at support@wisdome.com.au

  • Is the pricing in AUD?

    WISDOME is Australian owned and therefore pricing is in AUD. We will always note if prices are inclusive of GST also. In which case this offer certainly is! The company behind WISDOME is ALESMARC Pty Ltd - ABN 31 645 641 649