How it works

... in 3 easy steps

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STEP 1. Upload your logo, Choose your colour, Name your Membership

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STEP 2. Add your content - Library, Courses, Challenges, Events, Social Wall

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STEP 3. Engage with your members

Wisdome is your ALL-IN-ONE membership platform

Wisdome was created by a membership owner who knows all about stacking / plugin costs and the tech struggles we all go through when setting up a membership.

We have made sure that when it comes to setting up, maintaining and delivering your content to your valuable members, you can do it with ease and all on one platform.

Your membership journey is explained in these 6 stages...


You join Wisdome

Set up your company details and begin adding your content. Just like pages to a website, but we've even included Video and Audio libraries


Set up your membership levels

With every featured content in Wisdome you can choose which membership gains access


Decide when your members gain access

Not all members join at once, so we offer you options to release your content when you wish, by date or by the # of days members must wait, relative to their joning date.


Invite your members

You will have a unique link provided to you when you join in your admin panel, which you can share with you members however you wish. With this link they are invited to download Wisdome and upon opening the app, your branded log in page welcomes them!


Begin interacting with your members

Wisdome offers posting ability so you can post any new news and offers to your choice of member level. Add images, links, video, audio, directions to events and more. Chat is also available live between you and your member. You can even share files for download or upload.


Engage as a community

You and your members can engage via what we call challenges or courses. When you set a challenge or course, members who join can chat as though they are in a room where you can also offer live Q&A video links.

Everything your member views is with your brand, your content. Wisdome enables you to offer your members an easy way to access your membership anywhere with ease.

Why Wisdome ?

There is no learning curve, you can start by adding your brand,
creating your membership levels, adding content and protecting it easily.. even schedule within 1 hour!

Present it

Time it

Share it

Deliver it, or even receive it

Protect it


There are many software and app providers out there offering platforms
online to create apps, create communities in your own brand, however once you create your account, invest your time and content, you then have to register your app at a hefty cost each year and go through admin hoops to have it up on apple or google.

Most of all none of these platforms offer an all in one solution for your content sharing, and at the same time offer you an app to share it on!

With Wisdome , we are eliminating all of those individual subscriptions to source platforms, membership platforms, even event platforms/ Wisdome is making life so much easier for businesses and accessible for your members by offering you an alternative to present your content, engage your community,...... in your brand.

WISDOME by MemberApp
Membership Platforms are Notoriously Hard to Setup & Integrate
Most solutions out there are great, yet require more and more plug ins to help you create a single membership. You need to add in permission plugins, course plug ins, drip feed plug ins and more.. leading to headaches, it’s no picnic. We know!
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Hosting Pages, Website Security & Maintenance Is Too Complicated For Most
When starting out with a new membership, you go through a few hurdles to try and discover the best way to navigate through the hundreds of plans out there to help you host your membership, your business and is overall secure. Once you make sure your membership software is secure, then its about building your pages, your library and making sure all your plugins work together keeping everything safe.. plus dealing with multiple support desks.

You need to protect your content and need to separate products. Create pages and secure product access

It’s super important to have a professional working membership, plus an area which allows your users navigate through free content and paid content. Free content helps you show potential members discover who you are. But with most platforms, this is where you need to add a plug in to start protecting pages only set for paying members. Worse still, these applications need to work together, free of bugs which is often the biggest problem being a membership owner your content is what makes you money and helps your members feel like they are in an exclusive “club” by paying for this content that no-one else can access.

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We know the pains of creating a membership....

Our founders who own a membership, knew and realised we were not the only ones experiencing these pains. It was too impractical & too costly for most people, especially new memberships when getting started. So Wisdome was created..... the all in one membership platform.